Tips for Measuring

Accurate measuring is important in a child care center kitchen.  


Use a measuring cup (1/8 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, etc.) to ensure children are served the correct portions.


Below is a handy chart with shortcuts:

It can be helpful to think about how many children you are feeding before preparing the meals and use a larger measuring cup.  If you are delivering food to a classroom with 8 children, for example, rather than measuring out 1/8 cup for each child, you may want to use the 1 cup scoop.  Then deliver this food to the classroom with the 1/8 measuring cup and instruct the teachers to measure out 1/8 cup for each child.


Always consult the CACFP meal pattern charts for appropriate counts / measurements.



Should you use a “cheat sheet” with measuring shortcuts?

We would advise NO, you should not use a cheat sheet.

Why?  Let’s use apples for this example.  If your cheat sheets states that 2 apple slices equal 1/4 cup, how big are your apples?  How big are your apple slices?  To prevent inaccurate measuring, always measure with the items you have on hand.

An acceptable shortcut would be if your apples that were delivered are all the same size, measure out a few 1/4 cups of apples.  You may find that your apples are very small this day, so 3 slices of apple = 1/4 cup.  For a large center with many children, you may then count out 3 slices for each child.  Spot check frequently to ensure you are still measuring accurately.



Measuring by weight

When measuring food by weight, use a digital scale.


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