How to operate a high quality School Age program

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This training will demonstrate a developmentally appropriate and responsive learning environment for a School Age site.  From this training, you will learn about the typical routines and daily expectations in a school age setting.

Our programs are typically held in an elementary school cafeteria, gym, library, or classroom.


After this training, you will be able to

    • Understand typical routines and daily expectations in a school age program or classroom.
    • Understand how the environment influences the success of a program and how to run a successful program.
    • Recognize the importance of quality relationships between children and adults and begin to apply this knowledge.
    • Understand children’s behaviors and how to respond to challenges.
    • Understand the significance of establishing and maintaining communication with families.
    • Give examples of various hands-on learning activities that can be implemented in your school age program.
    • Explain the typical routine in a successful school age program.


This training is primarily intended for use by those supporting school age students within group settings. This may include center-based teachers, family, group and center-based childcare providers and early childhood consultants.

Throughout this training, you will hear references to Kids Klub/ Dr. Day Care policies and procedures. Follow your early childhood center’s specific policies. If your center needs assistance in developing policies, contact or 401-475-7707 x222 for assistance.

For Kids Klub / Dr. Day Care teachers and staff, always check with your Administrator for the most up-to-date policies, procedures, or forms.


After completing this training, you will receive a certificate for 2 Professional Development hours.

(This training is APPROVED in Rhode Island for DHS/Center-ELP training hours)

Click on the course titles to progress through this training. All videos and quizzes must be completed to receive a training certificate.