Why should anyone listen to you? Establish yourself as an expert.

How to establish yourself as an expert: Self-publish, support the community, join networking groups, and more

Leadership skills come from experience and education, but positioning yourself as an expert also comes from great PR and marketing. You must market and brand yourself to ensure others perceive you as an expert.  Many of the leaders in the child care field have the skills to educate children, teachers, and staff but lack the confidence to brand themselves as an expert.

This course will teach child care owners, decision makers, and leaders how to become experts in the field.

How can you show that you are an expert?  Advocate for quality child care, educate, and inform public policy. Share your advice through parenting advice columns, newspaper articles, radio and tv shows, or other professional outlets. Join local networking groups and build community partnerships. Evaluate what is and is not working.

Read real-life tips on how Dr. Mary Ann Shallcross Smith established herself as the expert through self-publishing her own book, submitting weekly advice columns, appearing on radio shows, running a  monthly tv show, forming and influencing public policy by becoming a state legislative liaison, and the networking groups that have made a big impact in the success of her child care center.


As part of this training you will:

  • Learn options on how to establish yourself as an expert
  • Identify your own unique expert skills that will establish you as an expert
  • Evaluate opportunities available to participants that will make an impact in the success of your child care center


After completing this training, you will receive a certificate for 1 Professional Development hour.


Click on the course titles below to progress through this training.  Complete the final quiz to receive a training certificate.