Planning a Preschool graduation ceremony

Graduation is such a special milestone in a child’s life. 

This ceremony is a great opportunity to celebrate learning and to recognize an important milestone, one that may be the first of many milestones. The innate feeling of pride and accomplishment as you walk across the stage to receive your preschool diploma is so amazing.  From the tassel on the graduation cap to hearing the ceremonial music of “Pomp and Circumstance” for the first time, graduation is a special moment.

After taking this course, you will learn the importance of celebrating educational milestones such as graduation and also HOW to hold your own graduation ceremony.


Interested in only the graduation resources on how to hold a graduation ceremony but not completing the training?  Download the PDF here: PreK Graduation Resources for teachers from Dr. Day Care.

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After this training, you will be able to

  • Understand the importance of celebrating educational milestones such as graduation.
  • Consider the connection between child assessment and communicating readiness for Kindergarten with families.
  • Identify ways to incorporate elements of the graduation ceremony into curriculum to help children prepare for graduation.
  • Recognize that incorporating graduation music into the ceremony will help children to understand the meaning of the event.
  • Be familiar with steps required to plan and execute a successful graduation ceremony.
  • Understand the importance of planning ahead and organizing tasks necessary to prepare for graduation into a timeline


If you have any questions or need further guidance, reach out to us!  We are willing to help any child care center host this special night for families.  You can email us at or use the Contact Us form on our website,


Throughout this training, you may see references to Dr. Day Care policies and procedures. Follow your early childhood center’s specific policies. If your center needs assistance in developing policies, contact or 401-475-7707 x222 for assistance.


For Dr. Day Care teachers and staff, always check with your Administrator for the most up-to-date policies, procedures, or forms.


After completing this training, you will receive a certificate for 1 Professional Development hour.


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